How to Transcribe Mp3 File to Text For Free

The days of low quality, incomprehensible audio files are long behind us. Speeches, lectures, meetings and many other events are taped and saved in the form of an mp3 audio file.

You’ll gain a lot of benefits if you choose to convert mp3 to text. The content can be reused for other purposes, analyzed and be beneficial for people with impaired hearing. Unfortunately, much of the software on the market requires payment in advance and can get quite expensive, especially for files that are hours long. Thankfully, there is a free and effective alternative to transcribe Mp3 audio file.

Audio Recognition Through AI and Google

A lightweight yet powerful program, Easy Speech2Text has been developed with the goal of removing the need for manual transcription. The software is mainly powered by Google’s speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) technology which supports many different languages.

When you start converting, a direct connection is established with the API. With this program, you’ll undoubtedly get the most accurate transcription possible with today’s technology. Furthermore, the privacy of your data is fully protected and kept on the servers only until the end of transcription, after which it is erased.

The software’s interface is straightforward and easy to use. It’s going to take up only 11MB of your free space, and the low system requirements are going to be suitable for all computers.

Getting Started

Acquiring Your Google JSON API Credentials

Since Google’s STT and TTS algorithms are located on its Cloud platform, you’ll need to create an account. Fortunately, there is a free trial with a $300 bonus that’s roughly equal to 12,500 minutes of standard model speech recognition.

– To start, go to the “” webpage and click on the “Get started for free” button.

create goole cloud account

– Select your country, tick the checkbox and go to the next page.

create free google cloud account

– You’ll be asked to input your general info and credit card information. This is only done to ensure that you’re a real person, and you won’t suffer any charges unless you manually opt for a paid account.

– Create a new TTS and STT project, and create a new service account through the ‘Service accounts’ menu.

– Set your role as the project owner, creating and downloading a JSON key.

– From the dashboard, find your wanted API (in this case ‘Cloud Speech-to-Text’ and enable it.

– Open the application, go to the options menu and select the Google API tab.

load google api json file

– Click on ‘Browse’ and select your JSON file.

browse to load the json file

If you encounter any problems, check out the tutorial here.

Convert Mp3 to Text

– Click on the little plus icon and select your mp3 file of choice.

add mp3 file for transcription

– Select the ‘Process speech-to-text’ button second from the left.

transcribe mp3 by using easyspeech2text

– Copy the content and paste it into a text or a Word document using the rightmost button.

You can switch between three different modes in the settings menu. The first and second are built into the program and only support English, while the last one is powered by Google and supports more than 100 different languages.

Convert Text to Mp3

– Switch to ‘TextToMp3’ mode in the right corner.

swtich text to mp3

– Input the wanted text into the box.

– In the bottom blue ribbon there are 4 round buttons that have the following functions

1. Play – recites the written text

2. Pause – pauses the recitation

3. Stop – stops and returns to the beginning of the text

4. Save button – gives you an ability to save the text in a spoken mp3 format

If you click on the cogwheel when you first open up the program, you’ll be able to customize the voice which reads out the text. There are four voice choices; two male and two female.

set the tts configration

Program Benefits

Google’s TTS API is improving on a daily basis. Recently, Google put out an update in which the word errors were reduced by 54% and the punctuation was massively improved. Quickness and accuracy are the bread and butter of this API. It uses multiple models and language recognition algorithms to observe common speech patterns.

Easy Speech2Text packs all that into a lightweight program that even novice users can use easily. If you want to get a few extra features, the Pro version costs only $19.5 for a lifetime license.

A Paid Alternative

Happy Scribe’s TTS and STT converter claims to transcribe audio files with top accuracy in just a few minutes. It can export the end result in many formats, including Word, PDF, TXT and many more. Along with English, it supports more than 119 languages. The speakers are automatically identified, and the user can edit the text and add timestamps through the built-in editor.

Unfortunately, it only comes with a 30-minute trial. After that, it’s going to cost $12 per audio hour. Also, there are 3 hours and 10 hour monthly options that cost $30 and $90 respectively. Even though it’s feature-packed, the price can build up quickly.


Google remains the most dominant force in the technology world. and Easy Speech2Text uses that to its advantage. Not only is it lightweight, but it does all the difficult work for you behind the scenes. Save yourself some time with it to focus on the more delicate tasks.

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