Is It Safe to Use Google API and Load it in EasySpeech2Text?

Using EasySpeech2Text could enable you to process Speech-to-text and text-to-speech in an easy and free method. However, you need to create your own Google API and load it in our program to use the capabilities offered by Google. Then, you may wonder is it safe to use Google API and load it in our program?

It is absolutely safe to load the credential file in EasySpeech2Text. 

#1 Your security is our priority.

EasySpeech2Text will never upload and save your credential JSON file to the server. We can not get your file and we can not use it.

#2 Monitor traffic and abnormal situations.

You can monitor the traffic and requests from your credential JSON file. Once there is any unusual, you can disable and even delete the JSON file in your Google Cloud dashboard.

monitor traffic and request

#3 Keep your JSON file safe

Last but not least, you need to keep the JSON file stored safely on your computer. Do not share or upload it on your social network or websites.

You can also refer to the official article from Google.

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