How to Choose MP3 Transcription Software in Digital Market

An mp3 recording is a much easier way to document information than manual writing and massively improves productivity due to the time saved. Because of this, it’s become a common occurrence for both companies and individuals alike to require transcription services. Unfortunately, many of them have complex pricing plans that may seem affordable at first glance but contain a lot of additional fees that get quite pricey. This raises the question – is there high quality, yet affordable mp3 transcription services out there? Let’s find out the answer.

#1 Speechpad

With more than 5,000 employed transcribers, Speechpad focuses on manual transcription where an audio recording is transcribed by professional human employees. They claim to have written out over 5 million minutes worth of audio and promise to provide 99%+ accuracy. In case you’re low on time, there’s a 24-hour turnaround option. Alongside English, they transcribe mp3 to text in 10 additional foreign languages. The end result is provided to the customer in the form of a text file.

Pricing of Speechpad

Speechpad increases the price per minute depending on the turnaround time – 4 days, 72 hours, 48 hours and 24 hours. The prices are $1, $1.25, $1.50 and $3 respectively. If you wish to see timestamps (the exact time when the corresponding word was spoken), get a full verbatim transcription or if the recording has more than five speakers, it’s going to cost you an additional $0.25/minute for each feature.

If they consider your audio to be of low quality or heavily accented, the price further increases by $1/minute. With all of this combined, prices can go as high as $4.75 per minute.

pricing of speechpad

#2 HappyScribe

Unlike the former service, HappyScribe is a completely automated software that uses its own API. They claim that each recording usually takes half the time of its length to get fully transcribed. There’s also support for 119+ different languages, and each file is fully protected by TLS 1.2 encryption standard. It includes speaker identification, timestamps and supports 8 different file formats for exporting. The final transcript can be edited through a built-in tool.

Pricing of HappyScribe

The plans come as pay-per-hour or monthly subscriptions. The hourly pricing is around $13 and the credit lasts for 12 months after which it’s no longer valid. For monthly subscriptions, there’s a choice of either 3 or 10 hours per month, costing $33 and $99 each. If you wish to go above the limit, you’ll have to pay around $10 for each additional hour.

Each plan can be canceled anytime, and custom plans can be created for larger businesses. Additionally, students have 25% off on all plans.

pricing of happyscribe

#3 Vocalmatic

Another automatic transcription service, Vocalmatic allegedly uses the latest AI technology that can transcribe in over 100 languages and is perfect for journalists, students, and podcasters. The transcribed text comes with an integrated online editor that has multiple playback controls, text modifications, and export options. Link to the end result is sent via e-mail once the transcription is finished.

Pricing of Vocalmatic

Vocalmatic only offers pay-as-you-go hourly packages that fortunately never expire. The packages are 1, 3, 5 and 10 hours of audio material and cost $15, $36, $55 and $99 respectively. If none of these are suitable, they offer custom made plans through negotiation. Surprisingly, the packages can only be purchased with credit cards – there’s no support for Paypal.

pricing of vocalmatic

#4 EasySpeech2Text

EasySpeech2Text uses the latest and greatest in mp3 transcription technology in the form of Google STT and TTS API that supports 100+ languages. Transcription is initiated through a lightweight app that uses only 10Mb of space. The app establishes direct communication with the Google Cloud servers on which the API is located. Highly advanced machine learning technology reduces the chance of errors down to a minimum, while also being lightning quick and easy to use. EasySpeech2Text acts as a middleman and delivers your files to the servers through a simple 2-step process. Afterward, you can easily copy and paste the resulting text wherever you wish.

Pricing of EasySpeech2Text

Since both the app itself and the Google API are free, you won’t have to pay a dime to use them. Although Google Cloud has monthly limits for free personal/business users, when you create a new account you get a free $300 bonus that’s roughly equal to 12,500 audio minutes! This is going to be more than enough for 99% of people. If you have more material than that, it still costs a measly $1.44 per additional audio hour.

The app also has a paid version that has a few additional features such as 24/7 support and 25 more audio recognition minutes. It’s a one time purchase for a lifelong license and costs only $19.5. It can be purchased via credit cards or Paypal.

pricing of easyspeech2text


Google remains unparalleled in every technology related aspect, including automated transcription. EasySpeech2Text gives you the ability to use the API with zero struggle even for the most novice users. Among all that, it’s completely free and therefore has the best price-to-quality ratio out of all the reviewed services. If you want the best quality without even opening your wallet, you now know what to do.

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