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If you have any issue when using our program, please do not feel hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Hi,dear users. This is ShaneSteven, developer of this neat program. I like travelling, coding and reading. I do not work for anyone but only myself, earn my familiy and one little daughter by coding. It is my great honor that you can use my program and I hope it could help you and save you time.

We all may have the requirement of converting speech to text and text to speech. Thanks for the development of AI technology, machine learning and the engine powered by Google, IBM, Microsoft, Apple Inc, AliGroup, it enables computers to recognize human voices and understand machine text. So powered by so many advanced AI technologies, I create this simple and straightforward software to help you process speech-to-text and text-to-speech. There is no need for you to read the long and obscure technical documents. There is no need for you to waste the time to build a prorgam by youself. Just download this free application and you will learn how easy it is to convert speech to text and text to speech.

If you have any problem when using the program, or you have some bugs and crash, please do not feel hesitate to contact me and help me to make the program better. I will response your ASAP. It is 24/7 service.


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If you want some special and cutomized features or functions to deal with the problems in your work, you can also send email to me. I will estimate your requirements and try to develop the program for you. Send your customized ideas and it is free.